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About Us

Luxury Drinks is a company who has as main objectives the importing, distributing and promoting of Premium and super-premium alcoholic drinks in Portugal.
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The largest focus of Luxury Drinks is not only distributing Premium products, but first and foremost to promote and implement the respective brands through events, marketing and activities close to the final consumer.
Luxury Drinks is therefore a one-stop shop not only for consumers by offering products with unquestionable quality, but also to luxury brands who want to establish themselves in Portugal and want to promote their image and product to the Portuguese consumer.


Based in Oporto, the company represents only top-end products that are already fully established in Europe and the Rest of the World, but whose availability is still limited or non-existent in Portugal. Luxury Drinks therefore tries to place the products it represents in the best bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels nationwide, focusing on distributing them via partners whose focus are precisely high quality products.

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