Luxury Drinks | Armand de Brignac Green
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Armand de Brignac Green

Armand de Brignac Champagne have launched a special limited edition Armand de Brignac Champagne Green Bottle in honour of the Masters Golf Tournament and was recently awarded to Masters Winner Angel Cabrera, to celebrate the 75th Masters Tournament at Georgia’s famous Augusta National Club.
Armand de Brignac’s Green Bottle was made to match the color of the famous jacket awarded each year to the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
The Green Bottle contains Armand de Brignac internationally recognized Brut Gold Champagne, rated No. 1 in the world in a blind taste test of 1,000 Champagne brands. The bottle is gold pewter labels and includes an “Ace of Spade” insignia on the back with the year of the limited release.
Each limited edition Green Bottle is packed inside Armand de Brignac’s ornate, laquered wooden box with nameplates and the brand’s insignia.

Alcohol Vol.



0.75 L