Luxury Drinks | Château Cheval Blanc
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Château Cheval Blanc

Being located on the Pomerol border is part of the reason for the voluptuous quality of Cheval Blanc. They are only a stones throw away from the Pomerol plateau. Their vines abut those of Chateau L’Evangile. In fact close to 30% of their terroir resembles that of the top Pomerol estates. The terroir of Chateau Cheval Blanc consists of 3 different soils. At Cheval Blanc you have deep layers of gravel, sandy clay over blue clay and sandy clay with iron deposits. Those three unique soils allow the 91.4 acre Cheval Blanc vineyard to express a unique style of St. Emilion as well as Bordeaux wine. During the harvest of Chateau Cheval Blanc, the estate does not wait until all the parcels achieve, complete phenolic ripeness. It is the stated goal to pick some fruit, in what they view as al dente. In part, it’s the blending of grapes at different levels of ripeness that adds complexity to the wine of Chateau Cheval Blanc.
The vineyard cepage of Cheval Blanc is 58% Cabernet Franc and 42% Merlot. Blends vary, depending on the style of the vintage. The vines are old, averaging 45 years of age. However, some of the older parcles of Cabernet Franc are close to 100 years of age!

Alcohol Vol.



0.75 L