Luxury Drinks | Dom Pérignon Luminous
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Dom Pérignon Luminous

Dom Pérignon Luminous is a new label of Dom Pérignon, which lights up at night – so everyone knows where the party is at.
Each bottle contains the delicious Vintage 2002 of the Prestige Cuvée. Making an already exclusive drink even more exclusive is the release of Dom Pérignon Luminous.
This innovative bottle includes a luminous label so as to be seen by all at any party or club. In a world where everyone is crying out for attention you will find no competition when you simply turn up at any party with a bottle of Dom Pérignon Luminous. Its emerald green light will allow everyone to know that a V.I.P. has arrived – as who else could possibly be drinking the most exclusive champagne in the world? So exclusive that it is only available in select nightclubs in few cities in the entire world!

Alcohol Vol.



0.75, 1.50 L