Luxury Drinks | G’Vine
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Once a year, in mid-June the vine flower blossoms to life for a few days only before giving birth to a grape berry : this period is called Floraison in French. G’Vine Floraison cap G’Vine Floraison mini tures the essence of this ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance, and the warmth of the summer arrival. The transparency of the bottle reflects the smooth, natural and fresh essence of G’Vine. The chic, green coating on the shoulders stands for the brightness of the vineyards during springtime.
Tasting notes : Smooth, vibrantly floral, warmly spicy. Nose : delicate, sweet and floral, with a spicy warmth (hints of cardamom and ginger) Palate : smooth, subtle, round, grassy with flowers and spice. The floral taste of the vine flower is very upfront, with juniper, cardamom and ginger following along. Finish : brings back the floral taste again, and is very long and dry. Clean crispy back end.

Alcohol Vol.



0.70 L