Luxury Drinks | Hennessy VS
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Hennessy VS

A classic: Cognac Hennessy VS is the youngest of Hennessy’s Cognacs.
Hennessy V.S. is a fine blend of more than 40 different eaux-de-vie carefully selected from the premier growing areas of the Cognac region and chosen for their vivacious qualities.
Aged up to 8 years, the cognacs are brought to maturity in immaculate new Limous in French oak casks that yield the power of their first tannins to give birth to a bold a romatic cognac.
Hennessy V.S. is a bold yet harmonious blend reminiscent of robusts pice and fruit flavours, punctuated by fruity notes and delicate vanilla nuances.
Smooth and complex, Hennessy V.S. is the symbol of a bold cognac appreciated for its elegant, vigorous, fine and lively notes.
There are many ways to enjoy Hennessy V.S.: neat, on the rocks, mixed as a long drink or as part of your favourite cocktail.

Alcohol Vol.



0.70 L