Luxury Drinks | Hennessy XO
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Hennessy XO

Hennessy’s XO is a blend of more than a hundred different eaux-de-vie. Those eaux-de-vie are between 10 to 70 years old. Hennessy XO is of course a safe choice – Hennessy Cognac is the biggest Cognac trading house in the world and they know what they are doing. This XO used to be a Reserve de Famille, exclusively available to the Hennessy family, later on found its international markets.
Tasting notes of the Hennessy XO Cognac:
The color: deep ocher. On the nose: ripe fruit, a hint of spices, mellow wood tones and a nice alcoholic ‘green’ note. The taste: soft fruit, toasted wood, balanced, elegant and robust, some cinnamon. The finish: intense taste, remains pretty long. The origin: Hennessy is known for buying eaux-de-vie from all the Cognac region. So it will probably be a blend of the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Borderies… The age: The average age of the eaux-de-vie is 45 years

Alcohol Vol.



0.70 L