Luxury Drinks | Krug Vintage 1998/2000
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Krug Vintage 1998/2000

More affordable than the two Clos wines, Krug’s vintage Champagnes are made only in exceptional years. The philosophy is to make wines that express the vintage, like the gravelly, mineral and taut 1996, or the sweeter-fruited yet wonderfully precise 1990. The ‘Krug Collection’ are vintage wines too, but released after around 20 years in the Krug cellars to show vintage Krug as it enters a new stage of its maturity. For completeness I have also added some notes below from another vertical tasting I attended in Reims in 2007.

Krug, Vintage 2000
Will be released November 2011. A really lemony, quite fat and powerful nose, with an ozoney freshness in the background, and and orange and pink grapefruit tang. The palate is dry and tight, herbs and tight citric notres, fabulous cleansing acidity. 95/100.

Krug, Vintage 1998
One of only two Krug vintages in history to be mostly Chardonnay. Quite a bold golden colour. Biscuit and yeastiness, a touch of nettle but also super-ripe apple and baked apple character. The palate has a lovely shimmering delicacy, and this – although not light or “easy” – has a more giving, ripe, a pointe style than the 2000, and drinks beautifully. 94-95/100.

Alcohol Vol.



0.75, 1.50, 3.00 L