Luxury Drinks | Nuvo L’Esprit de Paris
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Nuvo L’Esprit de Paris

The Nuvo Classic drink is the first sparkling liquor sold in the world. What catches the attention of the Nuvo beverage is her strange packaging , reminiscent of those of French perfumes.
Nuvo is made in Paris and is composed of a blend of premium French vodka distilled thrice and subsequently infused with a sparkling wine made ​​from grapes of the varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Also added natural fruit nectar.
With the legend of “Nuvo L’esprit De Paris” was marketed initially as a drink aimed at women. Thus, the first bottles had included the phrase “For Her”. A few months in order to increase the potential audience for the Nuvo drink took off the label of the bottles.
It is aimed at a select audience and can be found at major liquor stores and of course, on Internet. Is available in three sizes: 200ml., 375 ml., 750ml.
Nuvo Classic can be taken alone with ice and is also used in the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Alcohol Vol.



0.75 L