Luxury Drinks | Casanova di Neri
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Casanova di Neri

Casanova di Neri produces wines from unique vineyards. Is the outcome of a process of productive and philosophical evolution, a new vision of Brunello di Montalcino that interprets tradition in a different innovative way. A profound commitment and respect for the land, a conviction that it is the lynchpin for the production of unique wines and that the care given in treating the grapes in the winery according to their varying characteristics is what we value most. The wines, obtained solely from grapes that come from their vineyards, are the fruit firstly of our vineyard projects and secondly of manic care throughout the process of vinification. The uniqueness and heterogeneity of the soils and microclimates in the different slopes of Montalcino have led them to produce 7 wines, each with its specific peculiarities but all of them true to the Casanova di Neri and Montalcino style.

Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino a Brunello with great character that will have a long aging time in bottles. Great fineness, profound, elegant and complex in the Brunello style. White label of Casanova di Neri. Tasting notes ruby red with garnet reflections, hints of maraschino cherries, violets and red fruits. Great fineness in the mouth with a tannin that is still young but of excellent quality. Long, elegant and persistent.


Cerretalto only produced in the years of maximum grape quality. Complex and potent it is also capable of maintaining throughout the years its unique fineness. Extremely long aging capacity. Ruby red. Hints of red fruits, spices and an characteristic mineral vein. Prolonged and profound taste.

Tenuta Nuova

Ternuta Nuova captivating and complex in its fragrances, profound in its width yet able to express in delightful flavours, in the style of our estate. Ruby red with garnet reflections, hints of maraschino cherries, violets and red frits. Great fineness in the mouth with a tannin still young yet great quality. Long elegant and persistent.


Pietradonice a profound red wine, with a complex, superb aromatic chiaroscuro the uniqueness of the territory in its richness of flavours, its fulsome tannins perfectly melded in the smooth persistent length of its taste. Ruby red with violet reflections, hints of red fruits, black currants. Great potency and fullness in the mouth but well balanced with its fineness and acidity. Long, elegant and persistent.

Ib Bianco

Ib Bianco comes from the grapes of our Spereta farm. The 2011 vintage is the first to be bottled. A white wine with personality in the model of our style. Brilliant straw yellow with scents of apple, almonds. Pineapple and flowery tones. Fresh and structured with good persistence.