Luxury Drinks | Muga
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Isaac Muga and his wife, Aurora Pipe, bought two families of traditional wine makers in 1932, and created custom wine internationally renowned, growing as fast as demand. The vineyard is still own and operated by the family. Located on the slopes of the Obarenes mountains, terraces form small parcels of vines in series. The soil is clay, but each plot has significant differences causing great variety of wine styles. Muga is known to be very traditional in their winemaking practices. All aging is done in new oak barrels and aging techniques are part of what makes Muga so unique. With these techniques each wine aging transmits a taste, smell and appearance of a wine at a higher level. The Craftsman style wine production of Muga, especially involving the aging processes, show great attention to detail expressed by this winemaker. Muga even has its own cooperage, the purchase of French and American oak, and prepare their own wine barrels. Muga also claims a long-term bottling process, to what they call Prado Enea. This is done mainly with the Tempranillo grape and about 20% Garnacha, Graciano, or Mazuelo.

Muga White Barrel

Straw yellow with golden hues. Very bright and clear. On the nose you are surprised by the fennel-honey combination with hints of green apple, pineapple and citrus fruits. A pleasant, tasty attack. A perfect triangle of lees-minerals-acidity gives it a lovely sensation of plenitude, freshness and complexity. The pineapple and citrus fruit come to the fore and much more faintly, you can detect very fine oaky spiciness of great quality. Although it is ready to be enjoyed to the full, you can sense that it will continue to improve, promising even higher levels of enjoyment in the future.

Muga Rosado

Very light in colour, mainly pale salmon with orange glints and a bright sheen. On the nose the wine proves more mature than you might expect for the vintage. The acid fruit is less citrus in character and, in this vintage, ripe peach and pineapple aromas come through more strongly. Full, supple mouth-feel thanks to the time spent on fine lees, adding hints of baker’s shop aromas. The typical acidity of this wine is perfectly balanced to give an overall smooth taste. The aftertaste and retro nasal phases are dominated by velvety smooth, yet fresh, sharp peach leaving a lovely final sensation which makes you want to try more.

Muga Reserva

Medium-high, shiny red robe, very pure, almost monochrome, but with increasing depth of colour from the rim towards the heart of the glass. You can find fresh, jammy cherry, red-berry fruit compote, a touch of liquorice and aniseed, and hints of fennel and white blossom. The rich spectrum of aromas is so great that it barely leaves room for the hints of oaky spices to make an appearance. Smooth mouth-feel with a predominance of sweet, well-rounded tannins, quite a surprise when you remember the age of the wine. A presence of natural acidity which has become blurred and in no way intrudes. The aftertaste is long and silky, with a curious mixture of the sweet shop and mineral sensations coming through.

Muga Reserva Selección Especial

You can find good colour with purple glints right in the center of the glass. Its nose preserves the character which defines this harvest: the fruit a rung below the dominant ripeness which mingles with hints of liqueurs which you can only find in this wine. The tertiary aromas come through in the form of leather and very faint hints of cloves and mountain herbs. It is on the palate that it reveals its greatest strengths: fruit you can almost chew, soft, silky tannin, a good level of acidity and infinite mineral nuances. The fruit comes to the fore, the spices from the oak and the mountain herbs rise to the same level and the hints of liqueur disappear. While it is already a more than satisfactory, it needs some time in the bottle for its aromas and flavours. A little patience will be richly rewarded.

Prado Enea Gran Reserva

Intense ruby-red, cherry heart and slight brick-red tinge at the edge. Expressive, well defined aged character but with reminders of the fruit. A base of very ripe red fruit cloaked in a fairly classical bouquet which gradually opens up more subtle nuances as the wine is aired. First hints of fine wood, then lots of spicy aromas and finally reminders of tobacco leaves and tea. Balanced on the palate, with body and liveliness, the tannins well tamed, providing sensations of noble strength, consistent, full mouth-feel, lively, well integrated acidity and wood, full of taste and suggestive mouth aromas in which the fine reminders of ripe fruit are more apparent, persistent, supple finish.

Torre Muga

Its easy-drinking character and “good manners” surprise you. The nose is attractive with fresher fruit than we are used to find in this wine. Very precise balance between red berry fruit and oaky spiciness which have still not fully integrated. The aromas show marked dimorphism. On the one hand, the fruit is complex, difficult to pin down, and on the other we have very clearly defined spices: black pepper, cloves, vanilla and a little charcoal. The spiciness dominates, a little drier, but more elegant and much richer in nuances. The fruit only returns after a few seconds in the aftertaste where we find the red berries, peaches and ripe plums. It’s rather more reddish than purple at the rim suggesting excellent acidity, boding well for the future.