Luxury Drinks | Giovanni Sarti
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Giovanni Sarti

The first winery of the family Sarti was located in Pontremoli – Tuscany in 1888, in the “Rocca Sigillina”. The settlement was known because it was in a strategic position between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Destroyed during the bombings of World War II, it was rebuilt in 1956 by Giovanni and Giampiero Sarti grandfather. At the end of the 90’s, Giovanni, decided to try to make wine in Puglia with the famous winemaker Pietro Parrinello, in southern Italy, convinced that the sun and the good earth could generate a marvelous wine. The land of Puglia has impressed Giovanni very much and many years later the desire to create a high quality product has led him to rediscover the territories and to study the wines. The grapes used are from Puglia (Italy). In fact, the wine has the Salento IGP label. The vineyards today have more than 30 years and the resulting wine is worked until the in Salento, in the province of Taranto where the Winery is. The wines are then sent to Alcamo (Italy) where the aging process starts, in French oak barrels or barriques. The next phase of aging and bottling takes place in this second winery, owned by the winemaker Pietro Parrinello who has an experience of 45 years in the wine world. In addition, given the quality of the wine, it is stored in a warehouse at a controlled temperature to be able to rest and continue its aging in bottle. Within a short time, to improve the logistics of the product, the whole process will be followed in the Pugliese winery: wine production, aging and bottling. This is because the will of Giovanni Sarti is to increase and further improve the quality and quantity of its fantastic wines.

Via Francigena

The aging: in barriques for 8 months. Color: intense rubin red. Fragrance: plum, cherry and spices. Flavor : full, harmonious and velvety.

Venti d’Autunno

The aging in barriques for 8 / 10 months . Color: intense rubin red . Fragrance: mature red fruit. Taste: dry, harmonious and persistent on the palate.

Le Muse

The aging In barriques for 12 / 16 months Color: intense rubin red. Fragrance:intense, harmonious, complex and persistent with hints of spices. Taste: very nice structure for the completeness of tannins.

Re Artù

Fermentation 12 or 16 months in oak barrels. It has a warm red color gem, red berry flavor rich and lasting. Taste harmonious, full bodied, distinctive.

Borgo Della Rocca

The aging In barriques for 12 / 16 months. Color: Intense rubin red. Fragrance: intense, and complex with notes of blueberry and plum. Accompanied by notes of chocolate and licorice flavor. Great body, personality and harmony.


Aging In Allier oak barrels for 16/20 months. Color: very Intense rubin red. Fragrance: very intense and complex, with evident notes of plum, licorice and chocolate. and very harmonic olfactory components. Taste: powerful and very persistent on the palate. Rich in extractive substances as to be a clear-bodied and pleasant for its softness.